Google launches research offline on Android [Exclusive Guide]

7:51 pm January 19, 201715163

Google makes a big step forward today in announcing research offline for its Google Search application. This new feature is available on Android at the moment. But beware, the recherchce offline, if possible, responses will not arrive immediately. Explanations.

google search hors connexion

we all at least once were in the following situation. Talk with a friend and there is a disagreement on the geopolitical situation of the Honduras (Yes there are discussions of folly with friends).

To know which of the two is in the wrong, it grabs my smartphone, immediately typing keywords on Google and voila. It was always right, because we’re always right and we will break it to you a little bit. Shame, he didn’t even know that was the capital of the Honduras Tegucigalpa!

But sometimes it is impossible to do this research simply because the mobile network is absent. In the subway, for example, give up the idea of doing a search. Finally it was before. Because Google for just added a new feature to my Google Search on Android application.

Now you can do searches offline , when you have no network so or is it kitchenette to connect to the internet. But beware, the results will not appear immediately. When you find a sufficient connection, you will receive a notification to let know you that you can access the search results.

It is important to note that these results will be those that you would have had at the time of your search. If you want the latest results so you can refresh the search. As say you your discussion with your mate can drag on a little bit. To be a bit of suspense and Spice up the thing.

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