Google Hello: email client comes on our PC web version [Exclusive Guide]

8:37 pm February 24, 201710306

Google Hello lands on our PC and Mac. As confirmed by the Vice President of the communication product at Google, the mail client launched in September will be soon accessible via a computer as is already the case of competitors like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. A shift that was inevitable!

google allo pc

the e-mail client Google Hello soon on PC and Mac

immediately launched, Google Hello was already a box with more than 5 million downloads within a week. I must say that this e-mail last year during the Google I/O for strong assets. The proposed features are interesting and intuitive and the stickers give the playful side that all e-mail applications should have in 2017.

Nick Fox’s tweet suggests that the mail client will be compatible with all computers. Understand there simply a web browser to access the service and that there is no software to download as is also the case with desktop versions of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. A desktop version which, in all cases, was sorely lacking in the Google email client. Fortunately, this lack will be filled soon.

Here, the service is shown in the browser Chrome on Mac. Represented on the Visual interface also strongly reminiscent of Of course, it is only a teaser and Nick Fox evokes no date of availability for the desktop version but work seems already well advanced.

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an interface that also suggests that this web version will offer substantially the same features that the application Google Hello to Android , starting with the intelligent responses that are suggestions of responses based on the text of the message. There are also unavoidable stickers as well as Google Wizard that is fully integrated into the mail client.