Google for invested in Snapchat: toward a better Android compatibility? [Exclusive Guide]

4:32 am November 8, 201615199

Quietly, the dominance of Google on the modern internet is progressing. Through its parent company Alphabet, we learn that the developer for quietly invested in Snap Inc. through its CapitalG investment fund. While Snapchat is about to happen in the stock market, could the Android Developer ensure that the application for better compatibility with Android?


on our mobile phones, it is undeniable that one of the primary uses for anyone who is other than the applications to socialise with my entourage. It must be said that although they became hyper-powerful devices, they remain first and foremost… phones, in the spirit all at least.

That’s why many chat applications and social networks remain paramount in our daily use. Snapchat is one of the best representatives, taking by surprise all its competitors to the point of forcing them to develop their own solutions equal to the service.

Google tried to buy back unsuccessfully a few years ago, and would now move on another tactic: take the company share! It is in any case that reveals Alphabet, its parent company, which for invested capital of Snap Inc. via my CapitalG Investment Fund as evidenced by its web site.


when we know that Snapchat shouldn’t take too long to go public, the question arises: would Google have the idea massively buying stocks , to the point of being able to influence the future of the Group? This decision would be not shocking.

Indeed, although it is one of the most popular, Snapchat is not really optimized for Android . The fault of developers making the impasse on the possibilities of the system to promote development easy and inexpensive solutions.

Such participation of Google could allow him to reverse this trend and force the developer to focus on the Android case . We will see in the coming months the impact of such participation, but there is no smoke without fire.

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