Gmail: the maximum size of attachments to 50 MB, finally happening! [Exclusive Guide]

9:16 am March 3, 201712476

Google today announced great news for users of its mail, Gmail client. The maximum size of attachments in reception going from 25 MB to 50 MB. A development which will provide a better match between the service capabilities and current needs. However, the problem is that for shipments, attachments are limited to a maximum weight of 25 MB.

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Gmail finally accepts attachments up to 50 MB, but only in reception

Gmail which now for more than a billion users active is the customer favorite mail to many of us. It must be said that its mobile app for Android is particularly well-designed and convergence with the entirely optimal desktop version. Today, Google for announced an important new feature for its mail client: users can now receive larger files with attachments, the limit from 25 MB to 50 MB.

Small flat anyway because this new proposed within the service applies only to the reception. Hear in there that if you receive an attachment of a weight greater than 25 MB from another e-mail service, it will more be blocked, on the other hand, you can always send attachments from Gmail more than 25 MB . At least not for now.

However, as Google points out, there is an alternative, Google Drive. According to the storage capacity you have in your account, it is, indeed, possible to send up to 5 TB of attachments. The deployment of this extension of the size of 50 MB attachments started yesterday. It will take 1 to 3 days before that everyone can enjoy. If you have not yet about that, rest assured, it will be soon!

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