Gmail: the mail service host extensions like Chrome [Exclusive Guide]

10:34 pm March 13, 20177896

Gmail, the Google e-mail service, will soon host extensions in Chrome. That’s the information revealed the American at its Next conference, focusing on the evolution of various Google services. The purpose of this development is to make always better Gmail among businesses, and will meet the same initiative of Outlook.

Gmail extensions

web services engaged a battle without mercy at the start of the year, and for good reason: web tools are now strongly anchored in the habits of consumption, so it is time to evolve dramatically.

We have seen that the Gmail account security is strengthened with the appearance of the two-step verification, but the service did not huge change over the past years. While Google target professionals more aggressively, Gmail will be at the center of my attention.

Gmail will host extensions shortly, like Chrome

If you have the habit of the Chrome web browser extensions, you won’t be lost: Gmail will also host a system so shortly, as presented at the conference Google Next.

The system will be open to developers, with a specificity that is specific to the platform: the installed extension will also be on the tablets of the application, allowing to find the same functionality regardless of the device and mobile versions.

Of course, this change primarily concerns professionals, the first partners for example being Intuit QuickBooks to automate remittance receipts or even ProsperWorks and Salesforce. But in absolute terms, any developer will be able to create an extension for the platform.

The feature of course landed in response to Microsoft Outlook, which promises the same type of change. Two high-tech entities are now jousting on Cloud services, saw the main vectors of growth as in the coming years.

If you are developers, know that you already can you preregister to be among the first to develop for the platform in the making, which will not be limited to professionals.