Gmail for Android: sending money as an attachment in approach [Exclusive Guide]

11:06 pm March 16, 201710339

Gmail for Android will soon offer the ability to send real money as an attachment. For the time reserved for American and British users, it is through Google Wallet service that the feature will be offered. To quickly pay a friend in the evening, as the service is not charged.


our smartphones are now at the center of our daily lives. But strangely, they are not simply used as such. Because it is portable devices, are also quickly they replace the slightest little physical room we had in our portfolios.

One of my first targets was other than our credit card. With the creation of services such as Android Pay , which is still waiting in France, paying with my smartphone for become child’s play. And soon, thanks to Gmail, lending money with friends will be simple too.

To send money via Gmail on Android with ease

the mail service is changing once again on mobile platform and launches a simple service: the ability to send, by attachment, money to relatives. It is through the service Google Wallet the monetary transfer is done.

and the great strength of this service is that Google does not charge anything: sending and receiving money are completely free. This feature already exists on the web version of Gmail, but is currently limited to US and UK users.

Such a feature may seem silly like cabbage, but can quickly save your life in the evening. Imagine that a friend advance you a consumer for lack of cash on you: a simple email would solve the case!

So let’s hope that the feature arrives in France, where “Wallet” is limited for the moment to payments on the Store. While extensions come on Gmail , making the ever closer enforcement of the professionals, it is possible that Google finally released these valves worldwide.

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