Genesis 10 themes for minimalist blogging WordPress [Quick Guide]

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Hello everyone!
I am Johanne and I write for the first time on WP training. It’s a little intimidating, but it’s sign especially for me the beginning of sharing enriching with the Nice community you are! I’m a former bookseller, now converted in the trades of the web. I work as freelance webdesigner in Grenoble since end of 2015 and I’m here to share with you my knowledge and my most beautiful discoveries on WordPress. I learned a lot by myself – thank you WP training! – and today, in my turn, I wish I could help those who embark on WordPress.

Also, I am very attached to the design of web sites, I like spend hours strolling on the Web for inspiration and find beautiful design, that’s why my first article will focus on a selection of themes WordPress based on the Genesis framework.


10 themes for blogging minimalist

2016 ends, 2017 starts… at the time of the balance sheets and good resolutions, it may be that you were planning to change the design of your blog to bring him a little updating. The current trend is to the minimalism of Scandinavian inspiration and this for a few years now – especially in the female blogosphere. Pale colors, gray, sober visuals, an omnipresent white text… Bloom sleek blogs that leave good content on the blogosphere. The design doesn’t hog the attention but offers a neat and elegant setting to the content.

While some found in flea markets, others found on the Web. So I propose to discover a selection of beautiful themes that are in this minimalist movement – because sometimes fashion for in this article good!

These themes were designed from the Genesis Framework. This framework is a “skeleton” from which we develop a custom theme, a unique database structure that changes according to its needs. The themes developed from Genesis are therefore all built the same way and are generally of excellent quality! Beautiful aesthetics, clean and efficient, SEO-friendly code, mobile-friendly themes highly customizable without being gas works… they have many qualities that can appeal to both beginners as advanced WordPress users!

To use a Genesis theme, you must install the Genesis framework (about $60), and then install and activate a theme child (between $25 and $80), which you can make any necessary changes. A Genesis theme will not work if the Framework (the parent theme) for not been installed previously. Then a Genesis tab in your WordPress dashboard, it allows you to configure your theme. It is a minimum configuration and effective that you find on all the themes of Genesis, you will not lose you in an interface that offers moult and moult options – not always very relevant. Genesis is essential, see for yourself!


And if you want to go further in your theme customization (translation, modification of the footer, adding a slider, adding share buttons, etc.), without putting the hands in the code, there are a multitude of plugins specifically developed for Genesis that allow to easily push the customization of its theme.

After have briefly introduced you Genesis, discover what he is capable.

All of these themes is optimized for SEO and is responsive. All offer the ability to customize the colors of the site. Some have been designed only for blogging, others allow in addition to creating a home page customized thanks to widgets areas, adding an e-shop, a landing page, or to present my work in a portfolio.

For blogging, simply:

1 – TAHINI $49


Tahini , developed by Zigzagpress, is a minimalist, elegant, modern and very simple theme that offers very limited options. A single navigation, a single page layout… Only shortcodes are provided with the theme to personalize items from the blog: you can add videos in full width, capital letters at the beginning of paragraph, create tables, highlight text. The Basic, essential. Tahini can focus only on the content and to grant a place to the text and the image.

The Genesis framework is not included, it should be bought separately. The theme is optimized for the translation.

2 and 3 – VIVIENNE and MONIQUE $27

Vivienne and Monique, developed by LucaLogos, are also simple themes. 3 layouts possible (sidebar to the right, to the left or article full page), a slider class, a choice of more than 600 Google do and a slight touch of color: these are small only fantasies. Suffice to say that we take them in hand quickly and they offer a more than satisfactory result in very short time!

The Genesis framework is included in the purchase of these themes.

4 – SIMPLY $45


Simply , developed by Bloom Blog Shop – minimalist design specialists-, offers three different layouts, a beautiful full slider on the home page, it loads the Simple Social Media plugin and displays buttons from your social networks right, fixed but discreet way. Nothing particularly innovative, but the recipes that have already made their evidence and are simply an effective theme that is aptly named.

The Genesis framework is not provided with this theme.

to develop my business:

5 – GLAM $75


Glam , developed by Restored316 – of the designers whose work I admire-, offers also three bets in the content page, it loads the plugins Woocommerce, Jetpack, Simple Social Icons, slider, Instagram feed responsive Genesis and Genesis E-news Extended. It allows to add a logo of retina, an index of categories for a better organization of the content, create a landing page and an online store. Glam is a theme that caters to women entrepreneurs who wish to have a professional, functional and attractive site.

The Genesis framework is not provided with this theme.

6 – SAVORY $75


Savory is a theme for Cordon Bleu, also developed by Restored316! It for the same functionality that Glam, but it offers a double navigation and he embarked in addition the plugin Easy Recipe, that allows to publish recipes in a very precise way. It also offers the ability to create a custom home page, display the latest items from each category and display the images in several formats. If Savory was designed to be a food blog, it can absolutely be used in another context because it adapts to any type of theme.

Genesis is not provided with Savory.

7 – CREATIVE $75


Creative is a superb theme created by Pretty Darn Cute Design, and it caters primarily for creative people. Its home page for many areas of widget and allows to develop a layout that is more advanced than on previous themes: display the last work published in the portfolio, the latest articles from the blog, the latest products from the shop. Creative offers 6 layouts different: sidebar left, sidebar right, content in full screen, double sidebars on the left, double right sidebars and dual sidebars with centered content. Creative also lets you create a landing page.

Genesis is not provided with this theme.

8 – scale $25


scale, designed by designer Kelly Brito, is a particularly sleek theme. With its large white spaces, my titles and buttons in light gray, it pushes the concept of minimalism to the extreme and offers only the strictly necessary for entrepreneurs and bloggers. A blog, a photo gallery and e-shop, it is not superfluous clutter. It offers 6 layouts and two positions for navigation. Finally, a Drag and Drop builder plugin allows to create beautiful layouts.

The Genesis framework is included.

  • I like : the pretty buttons it offers, the only colorful note of the theme coming to breaking its sobriety (accessible on the page Buttons & Font Styles, in the submenu of About).
  • See demo of Balance buy Balance

9 – AMELIA $59


Amelia, designed by 17th Avenue, is a theme with neat aesthetics and the feminine sensitivity – it is my favorite of this selection. I love its harmony, elegance and finesse. It offers a double navigation, a customizable homepage through widget areas, a good slider, a landing page, a category page, a portfolio page, tables of prices as well as the ability to add a logo of retina. A clean and efficient theme which, once again, offers the essentials for women entrepreneurs or the creative bloggers.

The Genesis framework is included.

10 – AUDREY $65


Audrey, developed by Lovely Confetti, is the theme that for the most personality in this selection. Lovely Confetti graphic paw is elegant and feminine and the back quite here. Here again we can create a home page customized – with two sliders to choose and different areas of widget-, price tables, a ‘call to action’, a portfolio, a photo gallery and an e-shop – with possibility to filter the products by price and an overview of the great basket-, which allows to use the Audrey theme to develop a small business. The different display formats of the blog, categories, portfolio and photo gallery, the choice of fonts among more than 65 Google Font, the customization of the colors and the ability to add a logo retina allow satisfactory customization of the theme.

The Genesis framework is provided with the Audrey theme.

Genesis themes all operate in the same way by one often finds the same elements from one theme to another, yet, apart from their minimalist design, they are far from all look the same and the customization possibilities are endless!

I hope that one of them will have your attention for a redesign of your site 😉