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with ports open your Fritzbox to access from the outside. This means that other computers can access your Fritzbox and any computer on your network. Some games require such access, as well as remote maintenance tools.  On the other hand, open ports are a tremendous security risk. Read here how Fritz box free ports and how to determine which ports are open.

for the share, you need to know which ports should be released. That tells you the documentation of the software, which requires the ports. You will also need the IP address of your computer shares and to the functions of a firewall more read here.

so you can see which ports are open

  • start a browser and in the address bar, type .
  • you enter your password.
  • , open Internet – shares – port shares.

in a list, you will now see the given free ports, which you can access from the outside on your network or the router.

to share ports

  • perform the steps described in the section above.
  • with new port sharing set a new release. You can choose prefabricated services as well as existing as in the network computer from list.
  • Alternatively switch active to other applications next to port sharing. Then, enter the name of the service as well as the port numbers.
  • see port shares are allowed the option of all devices in the home network port shares independently change . Thus, you pass control of your ports programs, or as game consoles.
  • with a click on take save the port sharing.
In der Fritzbox können Sie Ports freigeben, auf die dann Computer von außen zugreifen können.
in the Fritz box, you can share ports to the computer from the outside can then access.

How to close ports

  • as described above will open the screen of the port shares.
  • see a list of freely given ports.
  • click on the red X next to the port that you want to include in the list. Thus, the share is removed.
  • apply click to save the changes.
Mit einem Klick auf das rote X löschen Sie eine Portfreigabe.
click on the red X delete a port sharing.

Beware of attacks on ports

  • each open port is a gateway for malicious software and hackers.
  • you deal very carefully with the port shares.
  • you open ports only if you really need that.
  • check which ports are open and whether it is really necessary.
  • you go with the option all devices in the home network port shares may automatically change to be careful!

make sure also that you have installed the latest version of the Fritz box software. Because avoiding security holes.

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