Fotojet: A simple and convenient photo editor [Exclusive Guide]

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there are currently many solutions to edit my pictures or images. Also very powerful Photoshop, Gimp. I present in this article Fotojet, a very interesting to just edit my photos and achieve superb creation web application.

Fotojet offers a simple interface to handle

interface this web application is very simple to handle. Here is a small description of the interface quickly:

  • import photos from the button “add” to the right of the screen.
  • choose items to add from the menu on the left bar.
  • save or share your creations with the horizontal bar at the top of the window.

interface of creation of Fotojet

design graphics

Fotojet you the ability to design many graphic elements. You can for example easily create covers for most of the existing social networks (facebook, YouTube, Twitter,…) and create of great posters/posters or flyers, or invitation cards yet.

create a quality design

simply edit your photos

you can also easily retouch your pictures. The editor offers many filters to optimize our different pictures according to our tastes.

simply edit your photos with Fotojet.

collage creation

Finally the solution allows you to very easily make creative collages. The application includes many models it is possible to change at will.

easily create creative collages


If you want to create or modify just photos or images, this solution may well match your need. Fotojet allows free use most of the features, but you can however buy the premium version to gain access to the full content.

you are using this type of solution of edition or another? Feel free to give your opinion in the comments below! 🙂

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source: fotojetofficial .

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