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format in Windows with FAT32 in Windows, you can format USB flash drives, SD cards, or each hard drive with FAT32. You can use X or Linux with other operating systems such as Mac OS created disk for data exchange.

However there is a catch: only up to a size of 32 GB with FAT32, you can format on Windows. Luckily, there a utility.

USB flash drive or memory card with FAT32 format

reading here, you stick like you, format card or hard drive with FAT32 .

  1. [Win R] press and enter explorer .
  2. click in the right mouse button on the drive that you want to format.
  3. as next click Format and select the selection item FAT32 in file system . (If FAT32 is not visible, see the next section.
  4. click on start formatting begins, then confirm the format with one another OK .

to the disk with FAT32 is

short formatted to your disposal.

Festplatte mit FAT32 formatieren
if not appears in the selection of the FAT32 file system, the partition is too large.

Appears not

the FAT32 file system is not FAT32 file system, can have usually two reasons:

  • you want to format a partition that is larger than 32 GB. In this case, you use the FAT32Formatter as described in the next section.
  • you have created while a 32 GB partition on a disk, the rest of the plate is however not partitioned. In this case, go to the next section and format the disk in disk management.

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Windows FAT32 partitions over 32 GB on-board means Windows in FAT32 formatted partitions only up to 32 GB. But what if you need larger partitions? Then you get the program of the Japanese programmer Tokiwa FAT32Formatter. It requires no installation. You simply copy the program contained in the ZIP file to a location of your choice and call it.

once you have given consent for admin rights required by the program, the tool starts.

  1. you select the disk from the list box next to physical drive , you want to format.
  2. you can now see the current occupancy of this disk.
  3. there is already a partition on it, click on it and the color of partition changes from light blue to green. At the same time appears a small pie chart that displays the data allocation of the partition.
  4. IMPORTANT! About the name, total size, and the assignment, verify if it is really the disk to be formatted. Because all data is gone after the action!
  5. click partition delete now button and confirm the action. If the medium in multiple partitions is divided, you all want to combine into a large, then repeat deleting until the entire space into one large block containing “not allocated” for become. (You also use initialize drive , to erase the entire disc).
  6. click now this block and the hitherto shaded box with formatting options becomes active.
  7. you can now give a name this new fair area.
  8. with start the program get started then and formatted your disk.
FAT32Formatter ausgewählt
FAT32Formatter selected

new hard drive with FAT32 format here (up to 32 GB)

the path for a new hard disk is described in the disk format. This way is useful if you want to format a portion of a hard disk ( partition ) as FAT32. For this purpose, the hard disk must be blank and unpartitioned.

  1. [Win R] press and enter diskmgmt.msc .
  2. If your newly attached hard disk was never used, must she Initializes may only be.
  3. click with the right mouse button on the disk you want to format to FAT32.
  4. you choose then new simple volume… and start the wizard.
  5. click on on , and then select the size of the FAT32 partition.
  6. the size is limited to 32 GB in disk management for FAT32. Maximum enter 32768. (32 * 1024, a GByte are 1024 MByte).
  7. after the next on awarded a drive letter. If it is a mobile device, don’t need this and select no drive letter or path have to .
  8. then next to and you get to choose of the file system. Select the entry next to file system to use FAT32 . Then you can give a name the volume
  9. .
  10. to click on and finish is formatted the disk or disks that use FAT32. Shortly thereafter, he is ready for use.

Festplatte mit FAT32 formatieren
read selection of the partition types in Windows

here how to connect one to your PC external hard drive.

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