«««Festivals award letters for external hard drive and USB flash drive

5:32 pm April 29, 201714619

fixed letters for external hard drive and USB flash drive can USB flash drive or an external hard drive change for a particular drive letter, so that he is newly not awarded by any chance of Windows. This is easier for you to remember and then necessary, if you insert the storage device for specific tasks such as backups.

drive letter change – so BB´s in Windows

  1. connect your hard disk or USB stick.
  2. with the right mouse button, click the Start button and select computer management or you type ‘Computer management’ in Windows search.
  3. , select the computer management the point data storage – disk management out.
  4. you will now see a list of the current drives and the associated letter.

    Datenträgerverwaltung, Unterpunkt Laufwerke
    The disk management in computer management .

  5. right click the line with the desired drive and select drive letter and path change .
  6. in the upcoming dialogue select again change and can choose then a new letter.

    Laufwerksbuchstaben zuordnen
    To assign a new drive letter to

so the reason why same external disk or USB-stick sometimes new letters get assigned to avoid changing drive letter

: Windows uses when connecting a drive generally the next free letter. If you leave plugged in a USB stick for example and put your backup disk, it for guaranteed a different letter than last time without the stick. But, you can easily change this behavior using above method. You need to without even format hard drive.

best select a character far back in the alphabet, because here, the chance is very low, that the letter automatically assigned to disturbing effect. So, use letters as X:, Y: or Z: for the disks, which require fixed names.