Factors of positioning Google My Business: what are they? [Exclusive Guide]

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in local SEO, Google My Business occupies a significant part in the optimization of its visibility on the local queries. What are the factors that affect the positioning of My Business pages in the local insert dedicated to them in the local search results in Google? A recent study presents the main factors for positioning.

how to display the results Google My Business in Google results?

recherche locale google

in search results for queries that it considers as local (ex: ‘restaurant paris’, ‘ agency web angers ‘,…), Google shows for a few years now 3 Google My Business pages which correspond, according to him, to best meet the request sought by the user. If the user bit then click the link ‘ other addresses “to see more on mobile PC, the first 3 results of course consume most clicks and visibility .

a study on the criteria that affect the positioning of pages Google My Business

very transparent on the issue, how does Google decide to put forward X or Y result in my top 3 visible by the user? Is there, as in traditional SEO, the positioning factors affecting more or less positioning of Google My Business pages on this research with local intentions ? A recent study conducted in the United States brings us answers.

for the purposes of the study, Local SEO Guide associated with the University of California for study impacts over 100 factors positioning on over 30,000 business pages .

the 4 main factors of positioning on Google My Business are:

  • 1 / quality (backlinks) links : it knows the importance of links in the traditional SEO. What is more surprising is that these influential also, according to the study on the positioning of pages Google My Business in local results presented by Google to its users. To reach this conclusion, the study relied on data from the Majestic SEO tool (Trust Flow, Citation Flow, AC Rank,…). It would also seem that the backlinks with optimized anchors work well on My Business pages!
  • 2 / quantity / quality of the content and keywords : just as for traditional SEO, the study reveals that Google My Business pages with the most optimized content are often those who position themselves better on Google. The volume of content optimization with keywords and synonyms plays a very important not to overlook.
  • 3 / signals on Google My Business : to be well referenced on Google My Business, a good description as well as a volume of important links is not enough to make a difference in the face of rivals also good on these aspects. Google My Business use a battery of signals he’ll cross-check to determine if it should rather put forward X or Y page. These signals include:

the number and the quality of the present notice on the page ,
the presence or no photos of the company ,
page to a Google account association checked ,
the presence of keywords in the name of the company (of the keywords on the industry and not the geographical location) : ex: ‘agency of communication LEPTIDIGITAL’ and not ‘communication LEPTIDIGITAL Paris agency’

  • 4 / the PageRank of the page My Business : If the PageRank Toolbar is dead , the study reveals that the PageRank of the page has a strong influence on the positioning of the latter. This point comes, however, reach the first point on the influence of backlinks to the page.

here are the details of the influence of different factors on the positioning of pages Google My Business:

google my business ranking factors

the factors that impact on the positioning of My Business pages:

surprisingly, a few traditional positioning factors do not appear to influence the positioning of Google My Business pages in the Google search results. Here are the main:

  • 1 / adding of keywords related to the geographic location : according to the study, it would be almost Needless to add keywords related to localization your business in My Business page. This applies both to the title of the page My Business as for the body of the content.
  • 2 / the volume of links : the number of citations doesn’t seem to be the most important factor for Google. So, it’s better to have few links but from the authority sites that many links from little authoritarian sites.

positioning factors specific to Google My Business (formerly Google addresses)

Attention, these positioning factors are different from the positioning SEO factors premises which do not concern the results Google My Business but other natural results present in the page.

these positioning criteria are also to dissociate positioning SEO factors traditional (even if they are close) because they will only affect companies that have a Google My Business page and not all of the sites.


positioning Google My Business factors: what are they?

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