Facebook: removing application on your smartphone, you earn 20% of battery life [Exclusive Guide]

12:45 am November 22, 201612338

Facebook is still a scourge for the autonomy of your smartphone. At the beginning of the year, the social network had already acknowledged that the impact of its official app for Android on battery consumption were disastrous and promised to do what is necessary. Unfortunately, the problem is still present as proves it a recent test on a Nexus 6 p.

facebook android

the impact of Facebook on autonomy application and performance of our smartphones have often been controversial. Although the social network for already partially attempted to solve the problem, it is still present as proves it a recent test performed by the TechWorldZone site.

A test that for demonstrated that when you uninstall the Facebook app and my e-mail client, Messenger, not only the other applications were 15% faster but also that without the application of the social network, the phone was earning 20% of autonomy and more. Although the statistical information of the battery are not alarming figures, the fact is that the application continues running in the background even when it is disconnected.

A mode of operation that allows him to open up more quickly when it is launched but also to offer notifications permanently. For its part, Facebook issued a statement in which it recognizes the problem related to performance but is totally abstraction of that battery:

“we had knowledge of returns of a few people who have problems of performance from our Android application. We are currently looking at the problem and make updates as often as possible. We focus on the correction of these problems”

in the meantime that these problems are resolved, the best solution rest use Facebook without the application but only in web version via the Chrome browser, which, thanks to its system of notifications to keep experience relatively close to what offers the app.

Facebook will optimize its application to save your smartphone battery