Facebook recommendations: your friends will control soon outings [Exclusive Guide]

11:02 pm October 20, 201615184

Facebook has become one of the central points of internet usage, but not surprisingly not so changed that much since birth. Today, intend to anchor itself more in your daily life by launching the recommendations of your friends, that allow to create a map of points of interest around you and recommend your friends outings to do.


you know what we’re doing friends last weekend? Yes, because the advent of social networks is that it becomes almost impossible to not be aware of the lives of our loved ones, and same knowledge fairly distant, now.

But where Facebook has managed to conquer to the point that it has become a banal everyday object, it does not evolve so fast that. For sure, Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus and begins to create my virtual reality social network , but the site itself remains relatively devoid of features.

In view of this, the developer puts a necklace today by unveiling ‘recommendations ‘. Behind this name is a new feature allowing you to directly ask your friends recommendations for activities to do around you.

Then create a map points of interest named by your friends in real time, according to the information known to the social network of course. What is guided by people you trust, rather that go on an adventure to the blind.

So, Facebook has finally decided to profit, otherwise than by way of simple likes and comments, data that can flow through its network. Rest take advantage of this new feature also means open its location information to the developer, which isn’t really the last to enjoy happily.

The feature is now open to the United States, and should gradually be deployed around the world. Hope that before this, he knows I mean the problems of overconsumption of batteries of its applications.