Facebook owns 4 of the 5 most downloaded applications in the world, a crazy monopoly [Exclusive Guide]

5:05 am April 19, 201713732

the top applications in the world’s most downloaded we manages, and shows us that Facebook for not less than 4 to 5 applications listed in this top. An incredible monopoly for the social networking giant, become in a few years a colossal empire. But profitability, will go elsewhere.


Internet creates and breaks stars every 10 seconds, an as well, eternal law for creators of content for site creators. All dream of Fame and the first place of the podium, but few are actually called.

But isn’t Mark Zuckerberg who wants. The very young developer who started Facebook is now at the head of a vast empire of the web, that delves slowly into the virtual reality . But how is this one present on mobile?

4 on 5 most downloaded applications belong to Facebook

Sensor Tower analysts say us unveil the most downloaded applications on mobile first quarter of 2017. The balance sheet is very simple: Facebook continues its always more relentless dominance.

on the first 5 applications most downloaded around the world, the Facebook group have 4. Worse yet, he could have the top 5 integer if Snapchat had not refused my redemption .

You would think that it is not necessarily a trend is checking constantly, but if: in 2016, the ranking was once dominated by Facebook, proving an almost monopoly on the mobile like few can boast.

be successful on mobile does not necessarily mean being the most profitable however. If Facebook is first on mobile, its benefits to reap by its platform itself and its companion applications.

It’s so Netflix which takes the top of the basket in this field , with an increase in income earned by its applications of + 286% between the first quarter of 2016 and 2017. The service is increasingly popular on mobile, not wonder, then, that the site is working to optimize its flow for the platform.