Facebook Messenger: viruses spread by infected images [Exclusive Guide]

10:33 pm November 24, 20168996

Facebook Messenger is the application of the most popular chat in France, and one of the most popular in the world. Also, it is not surprising that it is now targeted by hackers. An image file is spread on this network, looking innocent but that actually hides a devastating virus: pay attention to you.


chat applications have naturally replaced the aging SMS protocol, because they support more advanced features for photo, video, and generally control their data.

In France, a champion however raised above the crowd: Facebook Messenger, which in combination with WhatsApp are the 2 most used applications in the world . Such popularity necessarily attracts special people…

These people are other than of course, hackers who take advantage of this to try to have you. On Messenger, a new virus is spreading a very vicious way… by sending a .svg image , as “photo_9419.svg”, seeming quite harmless.

If you have the misfortune to click it, it actually runs a Javascript code. Under Chrome, you will be redirected to a fake YouTube page prompting you to install an extension named ‘One’ . If installed, it siphons your Facebook account to infect your friends, read and will change the contents of the pages you visit and install other malware on your machine.

In some cases, it will even install ransomware Locky on your device , promising even more future torments. We invite you to be extremely vigilant on the platform, and warn your friends by sharing this article for example.

General, open any pictures in ‘.svg’ until further notice since Facebook is aware of the case and should be the household of my side. Do not forget also to protect your private data on the social network , by conscience acquired a maximum.