Facebook Messenger: soon of advertising in your e-mail [Exclusive Guide]

7:45 pm January 26, 201715132

Facebook revealed today a new which may not be to the taste of its users. Facebook Messenger, chat application, starts integration tests of targeted ads on its users, who could eventually be implemented all over the world. Therefore, your homepage may soon welcome these advertisements.

Facebook Messenger

the SMS are almost dead and buried. For all the good that this standard will be done, we must admit that my old age makes that it is really compatible with contemporary use of messages on smartphones.

The time is now to photo, video and media on the fly. That’s why chat applications have become Legion. In France, and in many countries, Facebook Messenger is the most used in the company of my brother in arms WhatsApp.

The service of Facebook is however a change that could offend its users. Indeed, the developer for announced start tests to display ads targeted on the reception of these users.

These tests will begin in Australia and Thailand. Advertising will be displayed home page on dedicated maps. However, they will appear only if you have started a discussion with a mark through the service.

feels that it is intimately linked with the arrival of the r obots discussion on Messenger, mainly used by brands to help consumers make their orders or ask questions in SAV.

Note that Facebook is pointing the finger marks in question for the implementation of this feature, which would have been demanded by them. This does no service to evolve, as video group discussions came there is little enforcement.

It is not surprising that the advertising arrives on a free application, but it is not necessarily intended to remain, at least in this form: the feedback of the users undergoing this test will help the developer to give them their final shape.

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