Facebook Messenger Lite France: how to install it on your mobile? [Exclusive Guide]

6:36 pm May 1, 20179960

Facebook Messenger Lite is available in France today. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network deploys its messaging service lightened in 130 countries. It allows saving of data to optimize performance and better battery life. Here’s how to install Facebook Lite Messenger on your mobile.

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for some time now, Facebook multiply mobile applications to access its services. For example to manage its Pages there are enforcement Facebook Pages. There are also Facebook Groups, Messenger, Moments etc. In addition, Facebook for also created versions eased some of its applications. To access the social network we have for example the Facebook app Lite .

Recently, the company announced the arrival of Facebook Messenger Lite. As for the first application of its kind, it is a lighter version of Facebook Messenger. The application is simple: offer most of the features of Messenger in an application that consumes less of data, consuming less resources and less energy-intensive.

How to install Facebook Messenger Lite in France?

Initially, Facebook for chosen to develop these apps for emerging countries where smartphones are less powerful and where the slightest MB costs a small fortune. But in the face of the reception given to these apps everywhere in the world, Facebook for finally decided to deploy them in other geographical areas that emerging.

For example, late last week, Facebook announced that Facebook Messenger Lite was available in 130 countries, including the France. The application is compatible with most of the Android smartphones and only them. Facebook Messenger Lite is not available on the shelves or the Android TV box. It isn’t no longer available on the App Store . IPhone users will have to do without for now.

To install Facebook Messenger Lite, just go to the Store (link at the bottom of the article). Once installed, you’ll realize quickly that app is much more fluid than the Facebook Messenger app classic.

However, you will find also that the interface is less sexy and that some features are missing . Discussion bubbles are not the part for example. So, are you going to install Facebook Messenger Lite?

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