Facebook Messenger Lite available in France: save your data and battery [Exclusive Guide]

4:33 pm April 28, 201712308

version Lite of Facebook Messenger for been presented recently, and saves a lot of data and battery by simplifying the original application of the developer. Today, this version is now officially available in France, and will allow you you also benefit from these small strokes if you’re willing to limit the features of the application.

messenger lite

when we use our smartphones, we have in mind two valuable commodities that are extremely needed during the day: our data, which allows us to connect to internet on mobile, and the battery of our smartphones to hold as long as possible of course.

Problem is that some of the applications that we use him more every day seeking not really optimize this consumption. Facebook drains the batteries for years now , making the developer for created version lite of its most used applications.

Facebook Messenger Lite is now available officially

and one of the most used around the world is other than Messenger, who also had the right to its Lite version recently. original limited to a few countries around the world, the social network today announced that it was now available to more than 150 countries.

Fortunately, the France part of this selection. Also, you can now use this version of the software, which will consume less bandwidth and less data, but also less battery on your phone so more autonomy.

Coupled with Facebook Lite, at the moment only available in APK for us , this output allows us to see that the developer is still committed to foothold in emerging markets. Ironically, its applications are so greedy that all are ultimately attracted by these less developed but more optimized Lite versions.

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