Facebook Messenger launches an update which will hurt Snapchat [Exclusive Guide]

4:13 am March 10, 20177057

Facebook Messenger comes to update, to add a new feature, Messenger Day, which profoundly changes the philosophy of the application. Facebook Messenger thus approximates the operation of Snapchat, attacked more aggressively by Facebook. Messenger Day, close Messenger in a troubling way of enforcement that Facebook wanted a time indeed buy, $ 1 billion. 

facebook messenger mise a jour snapchat

Facebook sends it seems, by updating my Messenger, a new blow to Snapchat . this update includes the new feature Messenger Day that allows you to send pictures and videos to all of my contacts. With the passage to put stickers, costumes, animations in 3D, messages, or even drawings top.

Facebook Messenger updates to better attack Snapchat

a new Messenger, called My Day, accessible to all or part of your contacts, allows to share such content. A bit like the Stories. What is eventually self-destruct is after 24 hours. Difficult to doubt that the change is intended to steal even more of world snapchat. Snapchat is preparing to go public, and hopes to raise $ 4 billion. but starts to suffer the departure of Snapchat, especially towards Instagram users, since the arrival of the Stories . In short, this is not the best of circumstances.

Facebook sends a message to the passage we do little more clear to those who would dare refuse an offer to buy $ 3 billion: resist him run the risk to be attacked relentlessly. This new blow on the part of Facebook indeed seems to have the potential to send a new setback to the concurrent application which will have to find new springs to bounce. Obviously, it will take a bit to count the points, but we can imagine the atmosphere not the champagne at Snapchat.