Facebook Messenger: 1.2 billion users, a huge success! [Exclusive Guide]

5:42 pm April 13, 20175956

Facebook Messenger, application of chat from the largest social network in the world, now shows 1.2 billion users. A huge success on a growing market, this type of application is sure to become the most popular tools of tomorrow. Facebook can now be welcomed: the billion is largely reached its 2 applications.

Facebook Messenger

discussion on smartphones applications have gradually managed to turn upside down the discussion means at our disposal on our smartphones. The SMS for really exist, while they put forward many features which he is unable.

That is why today, it’s one of the most important markets within Android applications. And this game, Facebook is the clear winner. While WhatsApp, it for exceeded the billion users there is a long time, it’s the turn of Messenger to view its progress.

Facebook Messenger passes the 1.2 billion users

in fact, Facebook announced that its application had exceeded the 1.2 billion active users. In comparison, we are 7.5 billion inhabitants on this good old planet Earth. Suffice to say that success is the appointment.

Facebook can therefore boast: with this good news, it can now be proud of owning not only 2 applications of popular discussion in the world , but that both exceed 1 billion. Strengthen still more its position as market leader.

A market always more disputed, since many players are looking to grab a share of this pie. But Messenger remember to evolve, and adds more features recently.

Unfortunately, the Stories that are the strength of Snapchat have not managed one second to run on Facebook , quite the contrary. But for this shot in the water, of many de nombreux autres other successful allowed him a comfortable lead now.