Facebook help Chrome to reload pages 28% faster [Exclusive Guide]

8:50 pm January 27, 201712918

Internet on mobile is often submitted both to the quality of the network of the web browser used. Chrome was not the best in the case of the reload of a web page. Facebook for so turned to Google to help understand the operating principles of the pages, and improve the browser that earns 28% faster now.

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the high-tech market is one of the most competitive sectors of our days. The # 1 spot is not to quietly share with my accomplices: she is delight from the hands of any competitor also interfere.

However, examples of favours, even involuntary, exist here and there in the market. Recently, you can for example see that Samsung is combined with Qualcomm to produce the Snapdragon 835 , so even they are now competing in this field.

The agreement obviously benefits both to this agreement. Today, another example comes from Facebook, which joined with Google for a specific purpose: help Chrome cool efficiently web pages, desktop as mobile version.

Indeed, the social networking giant went to the developer the importance of not to reload the entire page as was the case previously, but select the items to refresh and maintain. Now, only the code main is refreshed, while scripts are loaded and the content remains in the cache.

In the end, it’s a 28% of the speed of reloading improvement of pages that should be noted. The number of requests is diminished favouring lower the processor load. Facebook is obviously winning, since it would diminish its server queries up to 60%.

This improvement is already integrated the latest version 56 of Chrome , and also in Firefox. The social network is that pointing the finger what it means and why it for been implemented today. It’s fun to see two big players now closer in a common goal, with a grand final winner: the user.

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