Facebook copy Snapchat with its own filters for photos and videos [Exclusive Guide]

7:05 am November 1, 20169679

while its purchase of Snapchat had failed to reach, the social network is not gone to and rather bought MSQRD. Today, it is implementing by adding animated filters of the company on the photos and videos taken for the social network, allowing to use to create a new status or even during a live broadcast.


social networks are constantly changing, and for good reason: their use is extremely cyclical, making that a newcomer considered “fashionable” can quickly take market share in the oldest ever established, just like die so soon after.

Vine died recently, recalling that even the mode of short videos could be simply swept by integration in Instagram and all its other competitors. Today, Facebook is an unstoppable juggernaut, but must always be active to not sink.

That is why today, it announced to want to do competition to Snapchat he attempted to redeem previously. This social network will soon integrate animated filters applied to your pictures to your live broadcast on Facebook Live as well.

This is for the company to finally use tech derived from its purchase of MSQRD earlier in the year although, of course, and put an end to the grip of Snapchat on this particular segment. At the moment in test in a limited selection of countries, the feature will be deployed in the coming months around the world.

The patron saint of social networks is required to stay competitive while new applications are coming out every day to shake its foundations. Rather than to innovate, he chose to be Super Inclusive and so resumed back-to-back new features to success of the moment.

For the future, it turns on the virtual reality that promises to conquer the public gradually over the next years. With my new concept of virtual reality social network , it could well reach to make this technology less frightening for the ordinary people.