Facebook abnormally empty your battery? Here is the solution! [Exclusive Guide]

1:08 am January 12, 20178870

Facebook and its e-mail client, Messenger, we a tendency to drain the battery of our smartphones abnormally. A problem mentioned repeatedly since a year but finally seems to have found its solution, not through a updated two applications but simply a correction made at the level of the servers.

facebook autonomie

delete the app Facebook allows you to earn 20% of battery life , as revealed a test end of November. After acknowledging that my application was a real scourge for our smartphones , the social network had promised to optimize its energy, but until today, the problem still remained. In addition, the last Messenger update deployed in December had amplified the problem within the mail client.

However, according to the Vice President of the products division Messaging at Facebook, it would have finally been resolved on the side of the servers. And second, the good news is that you obviously won’t need to wait for an update of the two applications to take advantage of the fix.

According him, to solve the problem of independence and regain a normal battery usage, just closing applications through the menu of recent applications and restart them, which will have the effect of charge information to the server. He also added that it is better to use the public version of the application available in the Store instead of the beta.

We’ll wait anyway the first feedback so you know if the promise for been kept and sufficiently substantial autonomy gain before rejoice but we can’t imagine the social network announce such news without being sure of my shot. Otherwise will remain always the alternative of use Facebook without the application from the mobile site.