Facebook: 1.8 billion including 1.2 billion users connecting daily [Exclusive Guide]

7:20 pm November 3, 201612790

Facebook, the largest social network of our modern society, he also had to reveal its figures for the third quarter. On this occasion, Mark Zuckerberg for formalized the number of users now saves its network: 1.8 billion people are registered worldwide, while 1.2 billion uses the mobile app every day!


one of the first revolutions than a known internet and not held that there are a dozen years, is none other than the advent of social networks. Formerly dominated by search engines, Internet found its emancipation in the social.

Since then, it’s inevitable: every smartphone user for my favorite social network where it connects on a daily basis. And one of the oldest, but also the most used, is none other than Facebook Microsoft wish to acquire $ 24 billion since its inception.

Mark Zuckerberg will be glad not to resell my hen with the golden eggs, since its last quarterly results show that the site for not finished to win power. It records now 1,788 billion users around the world.

Among these 1.8 billion, 1.2 billion connects on a social network application every day. According to the distribution of internet traffic in general mobile/PC, 1,091 billion users connect using Facebook mobile application only.

No worries about the finances of the giant well of course, as it recorded a turnover of $ 7 billion this quarter. a massive increase of 56% compared to the figures of last year.

What give it the resources to investment in virtual reality, next sector in which Facebook will engulf is with a new concept of social network amazing.

Rest that current users are entitled to expect an improvement to what exists already, including mobile applications of the brand that are extremely consuming battery without reason no. A problem that the developer for not yet resolved.