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you want to with Apple pages tables calculate, for example for an offer or an invoice? Read our tip.

account with Apple pages in tables –

how-to for you next to your table

fill and enter data and figures.

Apple Pages Rechnen in Tabellen
Apple pages for a very good function of data in the tables. Here you enter the formula.

If you want to calculate something in a cell, proceed as follows: click on the cell in which the result should be and then tap on the equality sign [=]

  • .
  • now pops up a window in which you can enter a formula.
  • click first on the cell from which the first value of your calculation to come. Which is inserted then with my cell designation, such as “B2”.
  • then enter an operator, for example * for multiplication, and then click the cell from which the second value of the calculation to come.
  • then, tap the [Return] button, and see the result of the calculation.
Rechenfunktion in Apple Pages Tabellen
Apple pages shows exactly which cells such as coexistence will be charged.

The features of

help the tables in Apple pages are equipped with powerful functions. Conveniently also a helper function offers Apple pages, which further helps to the functions.

to use the help, proceed as follows:

  • click in the program window by Apple pages format to (this is the small brush icon top right).
  • is followed by a double click in a table cell that already contains a formula.
  • now appears the help in the column right next to the document. Here you can find formulas and get detailed information.
  • Alternatively, you can select a category in the left column of the help function and then see the corresponding formulas and functions in the right column.
  • to apply a formula in the table, click on it.
  • shows right when you insert Apple pages which fill in fields of a formula you are.

pages can even more tables. Read here how to change the number of decimal places at pages tables .

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