««««Excel: table format and visually appealing design

6:43 pm January 31, 201712225

you want to format a table in Excel? Then, read here how to do it easily. Plus: Tips on how you can still refine the auto-formatting and customize.

Excel spreadsheet format by pressing

  1. move the cursor somewhere in the table.
  2. click in the band start button on the as table formatting .

    The menu item as table format .

  3. to select up from the displayed range formatting from, that you like.

    Excel 2010 Tabellenformatierung
    You can choose from these formats.

  4. the next step determines the relevant area including column headings Excel and displays the result as an array formula and outline the cells. Here you can access a further corrective action by changing the formula or marking of the area with the mouse.

    Excel automatically determines the area for the new table format.

  5. click on OK the program formatted the area as desired.

    Boring figures is made pretty a button.

maybe would cross current column headings are in your table quite good? Then continue reading here: weird headlines generate .

table formatting change you don’t, like the proposed formatting Click table again as formatting and seek out an alternative.

because Excel for remembered the area for the current table, no further question to the effective range of cells is made here.

you can even alone by hovering the mouse test, looks like the current formatting because the same live shows the impact will be.

formatting suitable design

the color combinations in the overview fit by the way, always in the current color scheme, which for been selected under page layout – designs . If in the list in the formatting so nothing for you is right here, you change the design.

also driving over the proposals is sufficient with the mouse and your worksheet shows a preview of the changes.

in designs basically set the appearance of your table.

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