Excel: Slanted headlines generate

6:57 pm January 27, 20177986

it can more interesting look at certain tables and save still space if you rearrange the column headings not horizontally or vertically, but diagonally running.

so you create diagonal labels

  1. select the desired fields with the headings.
  2. , band alignment go to the start – format cell alignment.

    Excel 2010 Zellenausrichtung formatieren
    the menu item cell alignment format

  3. select the desired angle, for example 45 °.

    Here, you set the desired angle.

  4. If you have long texts, you maybe want to use an automatic break. To do this, check the box newline , left, under text control. Via [Alt + Return] make a manual break where you want to modify the contents of the field.
see diagonally running headers in Excel from

to optimize the appearance of the headings

the initial appearance of the headings will scare you probably. Because Excel tries to squeeze the text in the cells, which have still not enough space for it. Then maybe just looks:

weird headings look bad without change to the cell height.

However, the following measures

  1. help increase the vertical dimension of the heading row until each row is displayed makes sense.
  2. select all headers cells and activate the option bottom align so that the text connects well to the cells below.
  3. try the horizontal alignment, which of the options links / Middle / right leads to the best image in your case.

do you know how you make a successful headline for your table? Then continue reading here: Center and fashion

heading so does the alignment for other cells

the choice of angle for the alignment is Excel not headings limited to. You can rotate any angle so as any other cell.

However there must be very good reasons for this, because the result is rarely well and work with rotated content will also quickly tedious.

want to turn many cells at a right angle, change the print alignment for the entire document is usually the better choice.

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