Excel: set help text for cells

10:46 pm January 31, 20177672

you should describe critical input fields for complicated spreadsheets. A help text for certain cells helps the user when he is on the correct input unclear.

so you create fields with note text from

  1. one you select the field or fields, the explanations need.
  2. you go to the register data and then data validation .

    Via data validation install note messages.

  3. it appears the dialog prompt for input conditions. But don’t need you and instead choose the register message .
  4. awarded a concise title and type in an explanatory note.

    In the tab set message title and text.

  5. is the user of your table on one of the fields as explained, the hint you entered appears automatically.

    So, the hint text is represented when the cursor is in the cell.

why are often the worse choice comments

at first glance function for this purpose comment seems much better to be suitable, because it allows Yes, add a comment to a cell.

just inexperienced users don’t know this feature however. Because to her the hint text only appears when you move the mouse cursor over the cell, there is the risk that the user missed the important help.

data validation , however, is “idiot proof”, as the text in any case, once the user is in the respective input field. For meaningful input force

users the possibilities of data validation offer even more stringent measures, as only the display of the note text.

If you change the default in the first tab under allow each value, you can force that gives the user a number, or a date. In addition the range can be even restrict, where in the box, select a comparison operator, such as between data and then including enter the desired values.

validity criteria you set what may enter the user in the field.

If the user enters an invalid value, commonly held errors when Excel in a popup window will appear.

it is advisable but, in the tab error a custom message set that explains the problem.

If you force a specific data input, you should set an individual error text if the user violates the rule.

Soft validation rule will typically set

the error message appears again and again, until the user enters a valid value.

in some cases’s can be useful but that is indeed pointed to a rule violation, the invalid value but may remain.

to change the setting for type of stop on warning or information . Then, in the options of the error window the user for the choice to continue.

want to deny users access to certain areas? Then read all about protected cell ranges .

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