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you want to write Roman numbers in Excel? Then read here two ways how to do it.

the formula Roman

Excel can with a simple formula of any Arabic number 3999 a Roman numeral produce.

  1. click on any free cell and type the following formula ein
  2. for the Roman numeral is presented to you.
  3. so Excel converts you any number up to 3999, which is in cell A1, in a Roman order.

Tip: of course you can also a cell as reference instead of writing the number directly in the formula. Since the formula would then read our based on contribution to Excel Lauten:

and learn more about the program.

Excel schreibt römsiche Zahlen
Excel writes römsiche numbers

Roman numerals insert as text

Alternatively you can add Roman numerals as ordinary text characters. We have listed the numbers from 1 to 10 here for you:

1: I
2: II
3: III
4: IV
5: V
6: VI
7: VII
9: IX
10: X

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