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8:44 pm January 31, 201712254

Excel usually uses the characters set in the operating system for the separation of thousands and the decimal places. In some situations you want to print out but maybe a spreadsheet, which is intended for an English-language country, without immediately having to to the country code of your Windows.

so turn on English numbers

  1. go to the dialog file – options – advanced .
  2. turn off editing options accept predefined setting separator character of the operating system in the first field and then including enter the desired characters.
  3. to switch to an English or American representation simply replace the contents of the two fields:

    so, you switch to English numerals.

  4. don’t forget to undo this setting for normal tables. To suffice it then, to put the check mark back to what the program again takes over the land requirements of your Windows. From now on, so no more English numbers are used, but the representation used by you.

need more tips for the output of your tables on paper: the 7 best tips to print with Excel .

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