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Excel can your tables directly as PDF store and thus make readable for each recipient. Here the instructions how to use Excel export a PDF file.

to save an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF

  1. If you have not already done so, open the table that you want to save as a PDF.
  2. then click on file – save as and select the destination folder for your PDF. Type an appropriate file name and then select the entry in the file type
  3. PDF .
  4. now Excel offers you additional options for the Save as PDF.

    Excel Datei als PDF speichern
    About dern file type “PDF” when you save you will unlock options for the output.

  5. in the fields authors , tags and title you can enter your own information, then stored in PDF and accessible for all recipients.
  6. If you want to make available to the table on the Web, it pays to switch to minimum size . However, you should check once again the PDF before passing on good legibility.
  7. you want high quality, that looks good even in print about it, then let the quality setting to standard .

additional settings when saving as PDF

further options hide behind the button options . The defaults for these settings are suitable for normal use: Excel prints only the active worksheet, uses any defined pressure ranges and used a good quality, which makes the PDF for print-outs can be used for the output.

Excel spezielle Optionen PDF Speichern
Excel special options when saving as PDF

in addition to the issued page numbers is what the setting under publish here the most important choice. Thus, you set which leaves with get the Excel spreadsheet to PDF.

all items should be issued, use entire workbook .

you want to remain anonymous and prevent that information like your authorship included in the PDF, then deselect the checkbox for document properties .

that advantages of export of Excel tables in PDF format

is the most important reason for the export to PDF that the receiver needs Excel not necessarily to see the file.

but apart from the question of the status of the software on the receiver side there is to consider further aspects. So, the receiver with the original format for access to all internals of your work. Complex formulas, lookup tables with calculation factors and comments can quickly have the nature of a trade secret, so you should not disclose this data to third parties.

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