Excel: Jump to last row in table

6:18 pm January 26, 201714046

you want to get quickly to the end of an Excel spreadsheet? The program provides several ways for that.

so you quickly jump to the last row of

  • with the most tables works easiest with the combination of [Strg + Pfeil unten] . Once pressed, and the cursor is on the last row in the current column.
  • [Strg] accordingly to work in combination with the other arrow keys and takes you to the top, left or right.

but the efficiency depends much on the structure of the table. Because task of shortcut keys is actually: “take me to the last completed cell”. Your table is separated, for example in the Middle by a few empty cells brings [Strg + Pfeil unten] only to the end of the first section. Press then twice the combination, to get to the actual end (next time you are at the beginning of the second range). Navigate to the end of a table

this key combination will take you all the way down

you do not gradually reach down, but now at the end, there is still an interesting alternative.

press [Strg + Ende] , you end up at the right bottom of the table. Once again pressed [Pos1] and you are in the first column of the Tabellenendes.

However, if you have deleted many cells at the end of or inserted, Excel sometimes do not accurately delivers you to the destination. Only by saving the program determines the exact end of the table obviously again and works quite correctly.

to come at the beginning of the worksheet

which is keyboard shortcut [Strg + Pos1] [Strg + Ende] the counterpart and will take you all the way up to cell A1.

you’re rather clear the table by reducing? Then read so you filter the data in an Excel table .

it for the meaning of the button [Ende]

[Ende] button in Excel a special significance. Who pushes them, receives first no result. Only the status line the small, strange-looking display end mode.

my power develops only after pressing one of the arrow keys [Ende] . Press [Pfeil rechts] , to get to the last cell in a row in the data is available.

press [Ende] and then [Pfeil unten] that come on the bottom cell with data in the current column.

analog work the combinations with [Pfeil links] and [Pfeil oben] for the first entry and the top one row or column.

in effect, these combinations correspond to those of [Strg] and the arrow keys. Insert so there a “Stopover”, where empty cells break the data area.

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