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10:23 pm February 22, 20176527

date and time are always important in tables. I’m glad that you can insert into Excel date and time quickly via keyboard shortcut.

To insert the current date button

Excel: quickly insert the time

so can you update the values of the JETZT() and today() functions

If you are using one of the two functions, Excel determines the displayed value whenever new if it carries out a new calculation of the table.

This happens about when loading the table when you enter something new or make changes to the structure of the cell.

However, the expression is not one of these events. If you edit a table in the morning, and spend the afternoon on the printer, the last modified time in the morning will show on the expression field, where they still use JETZT().

The expression really to get the current time, press the button [F9] or use the button formulas – recalculate .

[F9] or this button you trigger an update to the table.

You can also calculate with dates. More on this check out so you expect dates in Excel.

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