Excel: How to calculate a future date

3:53 pm February 8, 20178703

often one wants to calculate a date in the future as about a merchandise order, where is “payable within 30 days after receipt”. In Excel, this is very easy to implement.

to calculate a date in the future

, in Excel so beat only working days on

not simple adding days, you are interested in but you want to skip this Saturday and Sunday, then you must use the function ARBEITSTAG() instead of addition. You can for example use this to determine a project’s completion date, if the start date and the number of working days required.

  • use the function as the first parameter a start date and the second to add the difference in days.
  • the first example you would rewrite it so =ARBEITSTAG(A3;90)
  • will appear first the result here as a numerical value. Change the format of the used cell to a date value (right click on format cells – date ).
  • If you want to count backwards, negate just the second parameter, write so any holidays consider to example =ARBEITSTAG(A3;-90)

so, you include holidays in the calculation

the function ARBEITSTAG().

you must enter these days by hand in cells. The section in which this holiday list is then placed in the optional third parameter. In the screen shot below is for example the range of cell A6 and A9. The formula is therefore

 = ARBEITSTAG(A3;90;[) A6: A9 ) 

here see you again all three variants combined into a single worksheet:

variants to calculate a future date

would rather measure the difference two date values? Then go BB´s here: to calculate in Excel date differences (with working days )

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