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drop-down lists in Excel: you want to in a cell format, that a user can enter only certain values, for example “Yes” and “No” or “Maybe”? With Excel, which is simply about a list box.

Excel drop down list set up

  1. click first in the list box, so the field, which will then contain the selection list.
  2. , select the tab data data validation and to the settings .

    Datenüberprüfung Einstellungen

  3. allow you select data validation list and pretend below in addition to source again the options separated with semicolons.
    Eintrag Liste wählen
    Entry list select

    Auswahlliste eingeben

  4. select list type by clicking on OK in Excel have a selection list.

    Selection list

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dropdown from table data generate

  1. to produce a list of existing table data, proceed as described above.
  2. However source to fill in

  3. instead of by hand, click on the small icon next to the input line by source .

    Symbol zur Zellauswahl in Excel
    Then select the cells icon for selecting a cell in Excel

  4. , which should serve as a template for the list.

    Zellen für Liste markieren
    Cells for list then highlight

  5. or OK and the previously selected cells are available as drop.

    Dropdown-Liste aus Zellen erzeugt.
    Creates a drop-down list of cells.

Tip: hide the cells for the drop-down list on a different worksheet. Thus, your worksheet appears much cleaner.

provide drop-down list in earlier versions of Excel

  1. select the cell in which the user do the input. Click data – validation
  2. .
  3. choose under allow the entry , list.
  4. enter the allowed values under source. Each separate the values with a semicolon, for example Yes, no, maybe . Click OK
  5. .

is a small list button appears next to the cell. Once you click to see the previously written selection list.

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select list in Excel

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