Everyone was not fortunate to miss my studies: news! [Quick Guide]

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everyone was not fortunate to miss my studies: news!

by Olivier Roland


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(literal) text Transcription:

the release of my book “everyone did have the chance to miss my studies” is imminent.

the manuscript is finished today, and also the test, the final book just before printing.

the first copies will be printed on 8 September. And the official release for September 23. So, the final cover is also ready.

I started to hear from media since I have several press officers on this mission, including Caroline who is the Press Secretary to the Leduc Editions. There is also Fred who works for me.

today ‘ today, I already had an interview on behalf of a French newspaper here in London and there are a lot of magazines and perhaps even of TV shows that are interested in the topic, knowing that here during the month of August, necessarily the most people was on vacation.

so, do you expect to see me or to see the book in a lot of media from September. In any case, it’s the goal because obviously, with this book, I want to touch, help a maximum of people.

Fred came to London to take several pictures of me that journalists will be able to use in their articles.

all right. It’s really the culmination of a project that was a lot taking than I thought because I still spent three and a half years to write it.

it’s almost 4 years between the time I signed the contract and the time of the release date.

this is not a book for the faint hearted. I looked at the layout of the event. There are more than 500 pages. So, not the 620 I told at the beginning because the Leduc Editions that were an adaptation without removing text, they just put more text in a page. There are suddenly fewer than 600 pages, but more than 500 still.

there are three main parts.

1 – the criticism of the educational system Western and particularly French, pointing to several clear shortcomings of the education system, as my inability to effectively teach foreign languages.

2 – How to bypass limits of the education system by hacking my education, becoming smarter, learning to learn yourself?

3 – How to become a liber by creating the company that is at the service of our life, rather than our life be at the service of a company, and with the best chance of success and the minimum risk?

I really wanted to create the book that people who move, smart rebels will be able to use as a guide to be free and happy in the XXI e century.

sounds extremely ambition. I really have a lot of ambitions with this book.

after much traveling, I can tell you that francophonie in general and France in particular, it was really a lack of entrepreneurial spirit that is important.

this comes partly as a result of said not enough people how they could succeed otherwise than by the perennial ‘passes your diploma and subway, job, Lullaby for 40 years.

I think that in France and many French-speaking countries, there are a lot of embers, but we had wet them all their lives. Suddenly, they could never take.

I want to be just the little breeze that will blow on the embers that have been wet all their lives and which will enable them to flourish because ultimately I’m talking to people who feel a call to something different, a call for more freedom, more creativity, more independence inside of them. more than self-realization while bringing value to oneself and to others.

I’ll try in this book to give you the maximum so that you can really succeed completely realize your aspirations.

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