EverNote: The improved version 8.0 on iOS! [Exclusive Guide]

9:22 pm January 24, 201714057

Evernote for recently made significant changes to its iOS app . If you have updated the application to this version, it is possible that you have the impression of open a new app.

changes to the interface, features and the speed of the application are in fact clearly felt.

then, is what for truly changed on the application?

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a more simple and fluid navigation

the navigation menu of the application for completely changed (Notes, research, news notes, shortcuts and account) .

new note button (a green button with a “+”) brings with him several options. If you press this key once, Evernote will create a new standard score.

touch and hold the button gives the ability to choose between three additional formats: Audio, Photo or reminder.

possible options with the button «+»

Work cat gives him the ability to communicate instantly with other Evernote users. This feature is now available from the tab account.

a new interface

the overwhelming standard green interface for been replaced by a white, more readable interface. Your lists of notes are now front and Center, rather than accessible from a list of books.

there are three options to view a list of Notes. In the options (trois petits point en haut à droite) , you can see a preview of the first few sentences of a note or the cover of a PDF, JPG file page, etc…

the new Evernote interface in iOS

you can also choose how much space the preview image will occupy (small, medium and large), switch between the different views and you have the option to disable images and preview text for a “simpler” style

the list of books is now hidden in a menu drop-down (flèche en haut de l’écran) which you can access by typing all the notes on .

research and other buttons

you can now search all notes using the search bar. This includes the results of your notes, notebooks and labels.

it is now possible to optimize the formatting of the notes in the application, including by choosing text sizes small, medium or large and changing the color of your text.

simply improve the layout of the notes.

you can also simply filter the notes by labels by clicking on the button next to the search bar, and view notes concerned a reminder with the button “awakening.”

Finally, the button with the star allows you to quickly find recent notes and the notes in shorthand.

best management accounts

you can also switch seamlessly between the professional and personal accounts from the account tab.

to see the new version of the app in action, check out the official video below 😉:

I don’t know about you, but I find this new version really very interesting and much simpler to use than the old! 🙂

you use Evernote on iOS? Feel free to give your opinion on the application in the comments below.

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