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8:51 pm March 16, 201714546

many characters can be entered only very cumbersome directly using the keyboard. And how many times have you searched on a strange or even foreign keyboard for the backslash? Here you can enter these characters easily via ASCII-code.

type ASCII code with a little trick you get anytime, anywhere your favorite characters – even on an old XT Keyboard: press and hold the [Alt]

  1. , and enter the ASCII code of the desired character.
  2. it is important that you enter the numbers on the numeric keypad.
Der Numerische Ziffernblock einer PC Tastatur zum ASCII-Code eingeben
it is important that the ASCII code on the numeric keypad must be entered.

Here are a few important characters and their ASCII codes:

| 124
[ 91
] 93
{ 123
} 125
@ help 64

find the codes this tip is: special character code, see . And here, as you type in special characters in Word.

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