Earn money selling your photos: Top 4 reliable sites

6:26 pm January 29, 201712047TIPS
earn money selling your photos
sell my photos on the internet for become a common thing these days. With the crisis that lives our society today, it is useful to know that we can have additional income while remaining practically at home. For instance, many internet sites offer to purchase your photographs, videos, and this easily and quickly. However in order to not get ripped off, we will detail the main websites you can trust without problem.

The principle
find a site to sell my photos may seem easy but this is besides the immensity of the net. Sell my photos allows, in addition to being paid and so to supplement the income, to see your work in banks of images on the net but also to help fill the canvas photos or to free videos of law since you give rights to the image.

What should I do to sell my photos?
The principle is simple: to sell my photos and earn money this bias, just find a reliable site, having more than 18 years to register on a platform, download photographs aesthetically perfect, creative and videos you want and quietly wait for someone to decide to choose. Then, you will receive your pay according to the number of completed downloads.

4 reliable sites to sell your photos
here is a selection of the most reliable sites in this area…

1 Fotolia:

super popular site for sell my photos is Fotolia , one of the world leaders for 10 years. It is easy to use. Indeed, after to be created an account, you can download your Adobe Stock illustrations from the site. Sell my photos this site is easy because it helps you find keywords to reference your images. Then you can watch your sales in real-time. On every file sold, so downloaded, the author is paid to 33%. Plus the author contributes to enrich the site, best is my compensation. Sell my photos on Fotolia ensures good visibility of your work.

2 123rf:

to sell my photos on the internet, you also have the ability to spend on this site which lists 60 million images (photographed, vectorized, comics, etc), royalty-free. Contributors who have the most success are highlighted on the site in order to reach more buyers. Image banks are classified by category and keywords for easy searching. After a free registration, it is easy to sell my photos on Fotolia, to have a significant remuneration based on downloads of my works. So, it can reach 60% for downloads to the tune of 1 million times.
3 iStockPhoto:

free photos of rights can be sold also by this site, created in 2001. Registration is fast and free. A test is needed on the site in order to completely validate my registration as a contributor. Then, it will be necessary to download the site of 3 of your most beautiful photos for the site to evaluate you. Compensation varies from 15 to 45% knowing that it is possible to become exclusive artist selling your work anywhere else. In addition, it is possible for the best artists to unveil their creations on events that take place everywhere in the world.

4 Shutterstock:

born in 2003, this site includes more than 100 million photos. The free registration, it also allows to create an account to train and improve my talent, in order to sell more. This site is demanding with the quality of its content, but also on the relevance of the keywords assigned to your work. Here, the competition is tough with artists from 150 countries.

Some tips:
a site to sell my photos is easy to find and we hope that our advice will help you find your happiness. The important thing is to know that you can always:

  • diversify the nature of your photographs (mode, culture, gastronomy, portraits, nature)
  • take a topic in ‘burst’ mode in order to select the perfect shot
  • save your photos, preferably in JPEG format, since this is a widely used format.
  • wait for a beautiful natural light for photographs taken outdoors
  • do not hesitate to sell my photos on fotolia, which remains one of the clear leaders.
  • to monitor the work of other artists to constantly improve.
  • If your images are not sold on a regular basis, the site down your level of remuneration.

in conclusion, sell my photos on Fotolia seems to be the best solution, even if other sites are also good. These sites allow to put you in competition with the other artists and improve yourself. Sell my photos on Fotolia guarantees a remuneration and an identity of the artist.