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4:24 pm April 27, 20176802

when you send a file by E-Mail, you should consider whether you resize the file attachment. This saves you and the recipient of trouble and time.  compress a special algorithm shrink the file without losing information.

why compress the attachment?

  • that for the advantage that the whole amount of data is small.
  • for the delivery of data thus goes faster and faster, the recipient can download the file.
  • also run less risk that the message is deleted on the road, if the size of an individual transmitted E-Mail is limited at your provider or the consignee.
  • the decrease is also helpful, if the recipient of an email on the road is, for example, mobile and therefore must make sure its data volume.

to shrink file attachments

  1. mark you to all of the files that you want to send and click with the right mouse button to.
  2. select send zipped folder

  3. from the menu that appears. Immediately afterwards, Windows generates the scaled down version.
  4. the ZIP file is placed in the same folder as the output data.
  5. the archive file is the name of the first selected file first. Windows offers directly to renaming: the ZIP file is selected and the name part is marked for the revision.
Senden an ZIP
send to ZIP

not all files can compress themselves well