Draw program on the desktop or Windows shortcut create

1:05 am November 24, 201611774

you want to drag a program on the desktop? Or create a shortcut to a file in a different folder?  Then read these instructions.

the following tips apply – unless otherwise noted – for all Windows versions.

program on desktop draw

in Windows 10 this is very simple to take a program to the desktop.

  • click on the start menu.
  • you find the program to which you want to make a shortcut on the screen.
  • drag the program icon to a vacancy of the desktop.
Programme aus dem Startmenü ziehen Sie einfach auf den Desktop.
programs from the start menu just drag on the desktop.

Read more here, if you want to move the program to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

shortcut on desktop with “Send to” create a program or a file as a shortcut on the desktop to create, proceed as follows:

  • open the folder in which the file or the program resides.
  • click on the program or file with the right mouse button.
  • select send to
  • in the list then that appears, click on Desktop (create shortcut).
with “send to” create a shortcut on the desktop quickly.

Windows in other folder create a shortcut

  • first open the root folder in which the file or directory resides, to a shortcut to place.
  • the fastest it goes if you first hold down the [Alt] button then drag the file to associate with pressed left mouse button and hold down [Alt] key in the destination folder. As soon as you release the mouse button, the shortcut is created.
Bei gedrückter Alt-Taste ziehen Sie eine Datei in einen anderen Ordner.
in press ALT drag a file to a different folder.

Alternatively, proceed as follows:

  • open the destination folder. If you need to create the shortcut on the desktop, you need visibility on a place of the desktop. Then drag the shortcut here.
  • in the root folder you click now with the right mouse button on the file or folder for which you want to create a shortcut.
  • press and hold the right mouse button, and drag the file or folder to the destination folder or on the desktop.
  • release the right mouse button. Then a menu, in which you create on links here appears the same click.
Menü Verknüpfungen hier erstellen in Windows 7
menu create shortcuts here in Windows

Windows shortcut in the destination folder create

1. open the folder in which the shortcut to appear. To appear the shortcut on the desktop, you can skip this step.

2. click with the right mouse button on an empty space in the folder window or on the desktop.

3. click on new – link .

Dialog zum Erzeugen einer Verknuepfung
dialog to create a link

4. After clicking on browse choose the destination of the link, so the file or the folder that you want to be opened when clicking on the link.

5 click on on and enter a name for the shortcut.

6. Followed by a click on finish and the link is already applied.

what is a link?

a link is a reference to a file or a folder somewhere on your computer or on a server on the network.

Beispiel für eine Verknüpfung
example of a link

a small example illustrates the principle: place a large bookcase in a library front with thousands of plants. Many labels, each of which contains the title of a book and information about what shelf is exactly the book lie in a small box of paper on a table.

the shelf wall is the hard drive of your computer, the note in the box the link to a file. While but now would have to get the book itself in the library, the computer does this work for you. With a double-click on a link you get directly to the desired file.

links also work with folders?

Yes. If your project is large, you rebuild the shortcut to the folder in which the individual project files are included. Double click on the link directly, open the folder and see all files.

what happens if you delete a link?

nothing – only the link then is gone. The original files are still preserved. However, if you open a shortcut and edit, the associated file is actually edited and changed.