Download movies from ARD and you want to download ZDF

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from ARD and ZDF and then later see? Read here how to get easy home movies from the libraries via download.

you missed a movie, then must click usually cumbersome through the websites of broadcasters, to see him again. This is in particular then impractical, if you don’t know the sender, which ran the program, because you must browse various Web sites.

it is however easier: on the one hand you can use the free program MediathekView, where you can have select movies and download at a desired time. Since mid-2015, there is also the website MediathekDirekt , representing all library content online and their downloading offers.

both options work on the same principle: check out a list of all available online films by ZDF, ARD, ARTE, KiKa, ORF, SRF and other regional stations. This list can you by entering a search term then simply browse and sort and so quick access to the video you are looking for.

MediathekDirekt online use

simple variant you want to download only once a missed show is MediathekDirekt . You access the Web site by entering a search term or sort order of the list (the column heading click) to the desired post.

the website MediathekDirekt

If you click on the link of a show, is it directly in the browser streamed. Want to download the recording for later, then click on the left with the right mouse button and select target save under… or a similarly named option in your browser.


install for the program to work, Java must be installed. The authors recommend the version 7 have you still no Java, then install itself from the Java Web site .

go download site of the programme to the and select the latest version from the offered list.

now, you see a list with two versions of the program.

MediathekView there as a download for Windows and Mac

Windows get the variant with the extension “.” ZIP”. Unpack you the contents of the ZIP file into a directory. There, change directory, such as “MediathekView-13.0.1” in the automatically generated version and start the file MediathekView.exe there.

so that you have the program quickly at hand, consider creating a shortcut on the desktop or in the programs menu. One you have

Mac , then get the version with the extension “.” DMG”. This is a standard Mac installer, which you downloaded by clicking Start.

problems read the contents of the file readme.txt in the directory of the program itself. You can download that directly from the downloads.

help to install more, the website provides a wiki and a user forum.

movie download with MediathekView

after the program start the program places once a period of reflection. In the list of available video contributions in all libraries will be downloaded. A little information about the progress delivers the status bar right below.

is the file finished transferring, see all stored videos in a list view in the main window that you double click on the column headings to sort can.

MediathekView lists all detected items on

to search for a key word, give it right up into the search box. This search works on all fields.

require a finer search, click on the button to the left of the search box. This opens the advanced search where for example the time limit can or you can choose a minimum length of contribution.

movie watch

have you found what you are looking for, offers MediathekView the two ways to view the movie either directly or download for later use.

select the film that and either click on the green triangle (play) or the blue triangle (download). You can find these and other options in the shortcut menu of the corresponding entry, so after clicking with the right mouse button.

when playing the program only for the FLV video type for its own player. For all other formats, you must install a player like the VideoLAN Client (VLC) . This is however unnecessary with Windows 10: the built-in player copes well with the files loaded via MediathekView.

(Hier erfahren Sie, was der VLC sonst noch so alles kann: Alle Videoformate mit dem VLC abspielen)

choose the download option, ask the program yet, the transfer to take place in what format and what is the desired target directory. Find all of your current downloads with the current download status in the same tab.

the transfer is finished, right click on its entry in the best and destination folder, select Show . Now a file Manager window opens and you can view the movie by double-clicking Start.

choose to not the option film playing of the context menu. At least for us, this for led while the VLC was launched, but newly brought the video stream from the server. But the download of the video file is already with you on the hard drive.

display subtitles with your library

the concept for subtitles in a movie looks so that a separate text file with the subtitles must also be loaded to the file with the video data. These files contain the text itself as well as the relevant data to the display and have the file extension. SRT.

a snippet from a SRT file looks something like

00:00: 10,249--> 00:00: 13,349
against tug on the Mediterranean Sea
go ahead.

a suitable video player like VLC can use this information to display subtitles in a current movie.

how to recognize’s broadcasts are offered for the subtitle

subtitles do not exist for all contributions. Just to find out, using UT in the film list for the columns for the size and HD right at best the column. There’s a green checkmark, the broadcast for a subtitle. Is the column not visible, scroll to right and UT move the column to the left in the visible range.

Alternatively you remove by right clicking on the column bar above all columns that are not important to you and bring to subtitles further to the left in the visible range.

the UT column indicates whether a show for subtitles.

Only movies with subtitles display

interest only films where subtitles are available, you can accordingly filter simply the view.

see the bar left a checkbox UT, you only need to click on.

the filter for programmes with subtitles.

So download a movie with the subtitles

you have found a movie with subtitles that you like, then click on “Movie record”, so start downloading.

you sure but here to activate the checkbox that the subtitle file with loads. This option is visible also in movies without subtitles, so no indication that sub titles are available.

Mediathek Download mit Untertiteln
library download with subtitles

after successful download two files are located in the target directory: the film itself and the subtitle file. If you want to move the film to a different place, you must move both files.

so you see the movie with subtitles on

when you play the movie, then the VLC should find the subtitle file itself. However, you must enable the view.

to go into the menu subtitle and enable the display of subtitles in lane track.

VLC Film mit Untertiteln film should be the list there empty
VLC with subtitles

, then VLC for not recognized the text file. Then use the function subtitles – underTitle file add to repair it manually.

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