Download and install the update Windows 10 Creators (version 1703) [Full Guide]

2:44 am April 7, 201714105LATEST GUIDE

updated Windows 10 Creators (1703 version) is now available for download! It’s the whole Windows 10 was last updated . Totally free , she succeeds to the anniversary (1607 version) update published on 2 August 2016. All 10 Windows users can install it. If you want to now take advantage of the many new features of Windows Creators Update 10 , here is how to download and install it.

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what’s new in this Creators Update ?

here is the loooooongue list of the new features of the updated Windows 10 Creators :

  • Paint 3D : new application designed to handle simple way of 3D objects. It also lets you turn an existing image into 3D image…
  • new features for Microsoft Edge : the Jump Lists support, support for WebRTC 1.0, the support Web Payments adding new extensions, by default Flash blocking, significant improvements for autonomy (by reducing consumption during playback of videos, as well as for the tabs in the background) and a new option that allows to save tabs.
  • night mode: toggles the screen in an orange tint to reduce the effect of blue light emitted from the screen of your PC, like f.lux . It is possible the mode setting night after schedules Sunrise and sunset.
  • new actions of precision for the touchpad.
  • support Wi – Fi 802.11ad .
  • support improved High DPI screens .
  • new start for assistant manage the confidentiality of data .
  • allow only applications in the Windows Store : allow or not to allow the installation of applications that do not come from the Store.
  • shared experiences: allows to start a task on a machine under Windows 10, and continue it on another device.
  • game mode: allows to smooth performance by preventing Windows to consume resources.
  • new themes (from the Store).
  • new version of Windows Defender .
  • dynamic locking (Windows Goodbye): allows you to lock/unlock your PC with another Bluetooth device. It is possible to unlock Windows session approaching its smartphone of its PC and lock automatically as soon as the phone away.
  • new orders for Cortana : possibility to shut down, lock or reboot the PC by voice command…
  • support braille .
  • integration of Windows Holographic : platform to develop applications pulling part of virtual reality or augmented.
  • new tools for Windows Ink (for tablet with pen users): functions of annotations, handwriting recognition, virtual ruler to draw a line…
  • more precise control of the update process : faster, less greedy and more respectful of the users choice.

can install the update Windows 10 Creators in two different ways: either using the Update Wizard or either through Windows Update.

using the Update Wizard

download the assistant 10 Windows Update by clicking the link below:

download Windows 10 Creators Update (Setup Wizard)

double-click the executable to start the wizard of Windows 10 update and then click on the button update now to launch the Windows 10 Creators Update download .

click next after checking that your PC is compatible with Windows 10.

the wizard then launches the download update Windows 10 Creators . You can click on the button reduce to let the download proceed in the background.

once the download is complete, the PC will restart and the Creators Update will settle as a Windows Update update. Of course, your personal files and programs will be kept 🙂

Via Windows Update

can be download and install the updated Windows 10 Creators from Windows Update from the 11 April 2017!