Donald Trump Draws on Android: you also do doodles as the U.S. president [Exclusive Guide]

6:05 am February 4, 20178739

you too can become the president of the United States thanks to Donald Draws, an Android application that allows to write orders of laws like Donald Trump! An application that could very quickly become viral so she is funny and easy to use.

donald trump draws phonandroid

Donald Draws, literally “Donald drew”, is an Android application created by the developers of 321 Fetch. The principle is simple: put your own drawings, photos or texts on the two pages used by Donald Trump for my decrees. You can then easily make animated GIF as we did for this article. Yes, the American president seems to be one of our loyal readers.

Draws like Trump to Donald Draws on Android

the application is very simple to handle. You can add a photo from the Gallery, write you even your text by hand or type it from the keyboard of your smartphone. Select the thickness of the line, the color and let your creativity on the two pages available.

Once the drawing is complete, you can save it as a animated GIF which you’ll see the 45th president of the United States show your wonderful work to the press with all seriousness and credibility that characterizes. Of course, more what you do is shifted, the result is funny!

This is the perfect opportunity to tell the president things he will probably never speak as “ Apple for the right to manufacture its products outside the United States “, “We love each other”, or “it is with humility that I admit my inability to think about the question.”

Also, take this opportunity to launch a competition for the best drawing on the “Trump Draws” application. Share with us your GIFs or screenshots in the comments. There is nothing to gain if poilade good to everyone. Dear readers, for your Smartphone!

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