Do you know the toxic clients? [Quick Guide]

2:49 am April 29, 201715407

We all know the old adage, “the customer is King”, internetement speaking we could mention others: “content is King”, “If Google says…”, in short is not what is lacking. We also know that they are not always appropriate.

Today I won’t talk about WordPress but the customer relationship and more particularly of the toxic clients.

Caution it is not here a course, a tutorial, or statistics, of or even best practices, no, no, just a feedback, good old advice that will certainly help you!

“young padawan beware of the toxic client”

at the service of customers

I have the double-hatted trainer WordPress and boss of WP Server . So, I am regularly in contact and service, either in BtB or BtC, many customers.

I also practice support and I learned with experience, resolve tickets, it’s much more complicated than it seems. In fact, via a ticket or even a mail, he will be missed always intonation, sound, the laughter that will relax the atmosphere (the rest, we not hear the sighs and screams;).

must also be our interlocutor, beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Finally, it must also be able to identify the problem. So far all is well! It’s the gig, my job, and I get involved.

When you make the delivery of service, you will always have clients who:

  • will have questions about your services
  • will need support but you’re here for
  • find it too expensive or not and will tell you

well again until there nothing more normal, but you can also have the Client toxic! Tadaaaaa! And that’s the drama…

clients toxiques

Clients toxic

this customer, you won’t be hard to identify it, it’s how the toxic client, he wants attention, we take care of him, that we’re pampered because otherwise he grumbles…

You see now that I’m talking about?

  • it doesn’t, it’s me drunk/gave/made shit
  • I clicked but it doesn’t work, I don’t understand nothing
  • I’m telling you that I not see the button!
  • it must also pay for it? and we can’t have that and more?

This customer who spends my life on your support, for unrelated issues, who wants everything and immediately, who always forget the formulas of politeness, which accuses your service of all evils, which is never questioned and who finally showed the insincerity of the world.

This toxic customer, which is the limit to resign your employees so it is painful, irritating and oppressive…

Well sure, we can have difficult or demanding customers but the toxic customer, meanwhile, will have requirements that go beyond the commercial relationship. It is always difficult to move the cursor to define a normal trade relationship, but when the customer hinders the relationship or the progress of the work in progress, so we can say that the customer becomes a difficult customer who can quickly switch on the side “toxic customer”.

le client toxique

Very well known specimen of toxic customer…

my experience with toxic clients

I have already dealt with this type of client. Fortunately very rarely, but enough to know that it is difficult to manage. I also know how can we get back in question in these cases here: is it me the problem, the quality of our service or our staff who are to blame?

I’m a rather quiet and thoughtful nature. I am also honest and direct, yet some rare toxic clients were able to get out of my way, including those who:

  • disrespected us (vulgarities)
  • are so sure of the fact that once you prove them otherwise, they still put the blame on you
  • ask again and still more

I Today, adopted an attitude towards these toxic clients that changes me radically life and prolongs my life expectancy…


My advice

so here’s my precious advice of the day, give up!

When you have done your best and that it will always be not enough, when you have repeated 10 times the same thing without being heard, said that’s out of your hands, you will have spent in addition to some disparaging remarks and borderline… No more stress! Move on!

The simplest solution, pay and put an end to this toxic relationship , which ultimately prove to be negative for you, as for him. Do you good, give him back my money, your health and your employees will thank you.

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beware, poisonous customer can be everywhere ! Whether you are a webmaster, graphic designer, project manager, developer, etc… You certainly know one, no?