Display Windows folder size

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you want to show the size of folders in Windows? This goes just a little detour. Because Windows always displays the size of individual files in Explorer, but not the directories. How it yet, check out this tip.

Viewing folder size

  1. open the Windows Explorer
  2. find the folder out whose size you want to determine.
  3. With the right mouse button, click the folder name.
  4. It follows a mouse click on properties select.

Then you will see the most important information about the selected folder.

Instead of folder size appears system information

if the query of the properties not the information window appears, but system info on your computer, then Windows missed.

  1. To resolve the problem, first click the folder you want to determine the size of
  2. you click once with the right mouse button on it with the left mouse button.
  3. Now, the correct information should be properties.
Ordnergröße unter Windows
Folder size on Windows

if a folder consumes too much space, you can compress the folder .

Windows shows what folder information?

Windows shows following information:

  • the total of size of all files in a folder
  • number of files contained in the folder
  • the date on which the folder was produced

in indicating the large Windows to the size in an easily readable format returns, E.g. “1.2 GB” for 1.2 gigabytes. On the other hand, in brackets behind it, you can see the exact number of bytes in a folder. This helps when it really comes to very precise information.

Once you have determined the size of the folder, click Cancel OK or , to close the information window.

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