Disable Windows Search

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you can disable Windows search by opening the Windows services. Here you can disable content indexing of Windows search.

Windows search disable

  1. enter services into the search box of Windows.
  2. Next, click the entry services . (Attention not on local services show click).
  3. Then appears the services program.
  4. Find the entry Windows Search and click on it.
  5. To turn off Windows search for this Windows session, click Stop next .
  6. You want to turn off Windows search and never restart can click Startup type to and select off .
Windows Search deaktivieren - Suche nach dem Dienst
In the Services tool, search Windows Search
Windows Search abschalten mit Beenden
for the entry to turn off search indexing, click stop.
Windows Search endgültig abschalten mit dem Eintrag Deaktiviert
To permanently turn off Windows search, select the entry under Startup type disabled.

Why turn off Windows search?

Whenever the PC for a while located in idle, the data collection service of search kicks off and consumes a lot of CPU time doing. The hard drive is also violently at work what you can hear on the hectic noise. Especially on slower systems index could be pretty, which is why it is here worth to disable Windows search.

What problems can disabling Windows search bring?

According to Microsoft, Windows search for the following task:

“content indexing and property caching and search result provides for files, emails, and other content.”

The results of the search in Windows will worsen with the switch-off of the service. You should need service so really only then turn off, if you have a slow computer with speed up little RAM .

So you find out how much RAM memory your Windows for .

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