Disable the automatic driver installation in Windows 10 [Full Guide]

8:48 pm April 26, 201712069LATEST GUIDE

by default, Windows 10 – via its Windows Update service – download and automatically install the drivers necessary for the functioning of the components of your computer and your devices. This feature is very practice because it avoids having to search the Internet for each of your devices and components drivers and install them manually. It also helps maintain these drivers up-to-date and automatically.

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well then why would we disable this feature?

well, because it can problem in some cases: it’s rare but it can happen that the driver for unexpected behavior and stopping from using your device properly (e.g.: problem of black screen after installing graphics drivers ). And also, drivers offered by Windows Update are sometimes not up-to-date contrary to those offered on the site Web of the manufacturer of your component or device, preventing you to take advantage of the latest features included in the latest version of these drivers (see: install the latest driver for the graphics card Intel HD Graphics ).

for these reasons, it may be wise to disable automatic drivers installation in Windows 10, more interesting than solution completely disable automatic updates !

I’ll show you how to 🙂

method n ° 1: via the properties system

  1. open properties system , material tab in entering %windir%System32SystemPropertiesHardware.exe in the command run (keys Windows + R ). 
  2. click on the button devices installation settings. 
  3. select not
  4. click the button Save changes .

method n ° 2: via the local group (Pro and Enterprise edition) policy editor

Note: this method works only under Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 company . Only these versions of Windows have the local Group Policy Editor.

  1. open the local Group Policy Editor by entering gpedit.msc in the command run (keys Windows + R ).
  2. navigate to the following path:
     Computer Configuration > administrative templates > Windows components > Windows Update 
  3. double-click the setting do not include drivers with the Windows updates
  4. select on
  5. click apply then press OK .

method n ° 3: via the registry editor

  1. open the registry editor by entering regedit in the command run (keys Windows + R ). 
  2. navigate to the following path:
  3. double-click the DWORD value ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate .
  4. change the DWORD value of 0 to 1
  5. click OK and reboot your PC.

that is, you can now install the driver you want to for your component or device 🙂