Digital camera: Delete EXIF data from images

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before of the passing of a photo you might want the contained EXIF data delete. For a variety of information, such as recording date, GPS coordinates, or the camera model, that should read out not everyone save modern of digicams in each photo.

to remove the EXIF data with Windows

  1. , start Windows Explorer and go to the directory of your choice.
  2. you select the files, which EXIF data you want to delete, or press [Strg + A] to select all.
  3. click the marker with the right mouse button and select properties .
  4. in the details tab, you see all stored information. Select the following link properties and remove personal information .

    EXIF Daten entfernen
    With this link, the EXIF data are deleted.

  5. in the dialog there that appears, click OK , all properties classified as sensitive Windows are removed and attached a copy of the original file.
  6. Alternatively, you can remove the following properties on the option toggle and select only certain information about the deletion.

    Dialog Eigenschaften entfernen
    Here, you can either remove proposed properties or just pretend what’s gone.

  7. you want to erase everything, use select all button.
  8. If you then distribute the files, use the files with “Copy” in the name. You are with the fractionated EXIF data.

keep in mind that the EXIF information often also then remain in the image file, if you resize the photos with a program. Then make these on the Web, everyone can read the details. If you wish to disclose these data not all because for example, not everyone will see that you have a several thousand dollars-expensive camera, you delete the data, as shown above.

so you have full access to EXIF data

the possibilities of Windows not sufficient, the command line program get ExifTool by Phil Harvey that there is for Windows, Mac and Linux.

this program can do pretty much everything with the meta data hidden in the picture, how about from the GPS coordinates of a series of images create a GPX track or generate thumbnails. In addition it knows a variety of camera specific data fields and displays. Here a Beispield of data:

Beispiel EXIF-Daten
that all EXIF data with the ExifTool remove EXIF data of a sample photos

are you just a matter, completely obliterating the EXIF data from a series of images, pick the program from the above website, unzip the EXE file exiftool(-k).exe and rename it in exiftool.exe.

to the case of all JPG files in the directory C: the EXIF data to erase photos, enter

exiftool-exif: all = c: photos * .jpg

you do not discard the EXIF info, but adjust the date only, for example, for many files, then check out this tip: so you correct the date and time of many images .

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